Hot-spring hotel in Kisoji, Hotel Fukinomori

Location|The attractiveness of Hotel Fukinomori

Ten munites from Tsumago

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Approx.10 minutes from Tsumago by car (15km)
There is a road called "Nakasendo" from Tsumago to Magome. Drive in the direction of Iida, Hotel fukinomori is located on there. Tsumago and Magome are conveniently accessible. Recently, many people go on a hike to Nakasendo.

Approx.4hours from Tokyo by car

<Via Chuo Expressway>

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Hachioji IC→Chuo Expressway (264km, 3hrs 18min) →Iidayamamoto IC→R256 (25km、approx.35min)→
Hotel Fukinomori
(Total 261km, 4hrs 06min)

<Via Tomei Expressway>

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Tokyo IC→Tomei (approx.304km, 3hrs 50min) →Toyota JCT→Tokai-Kanjo Expressway (53km, 1hr 10min)
Toki JCT→Chuo Expressway (35km, 26min)→Nakatsugawa IC→R19→R256 (32km, 30min) →
Hotel Fukinomori
(Total 417km, 5hrs 33min)

Approx.3.5hours from Osaka by car

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Toyonaka JCT→Meishin Expressway (approx.185km, 2hrs 25min)→Komaki JCT→Chuo Expressway (21km, 16min)→Toki JCT→Chuo Expressway (35km, 26min)→Nakatsugawa IC→R19→R256(32km、30分)→
Hotel Fukinomori
(Total 273km, 3hrs 30min)

Approx. 1.5 hours from Nagoya by car

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Nagoya IC→Tomei (approx.22km, 21min)→Komaki JCT→Chuo Expressway (29km, 25min) →Toki JCT
Chuo Expressway (35km, 26min)→Nakatsugawa IC→R19→R256 (32km, 30min)→Hotel Fukinomori
(Total 118km, 1hr 42min)