Hot spring in Kisoji Hotel Fukinomori


A hotel was founded by lumber dealer in Kiso

A hotel was founded by lumber dealer in Kiso

Shimizu Mokuzai Sangyo Corporation, the lumber dealer in Kiso run this hotel.
You can find wooden goods everywhere in this hotel.
Shimizu Mokuzai Sangyo Corporation making barreled bath, cypress bath, rice box called "Ohitsu" and so on. All the wooden goods in this hotel are made by woods in Kiso.

地図Shimizu Mokuzai Sangyo Corporation

Lots of wood furniture in the hotel


There are cypress shaving to feel the aroma of the tree in Kiso.

Lounge "Hanamomo"


The lounge "Hanamomo", the sightseeing place is on the second floor. You can see the broad panorama of the forests, and can see the Hanamomo blossoms in spring.
In the night, you can see the starts. Also DVD projectors produce images of a starry sky in the lounge.
This lounge is open all day and night, with self-service coffee and tea.

The front row of chairs


You can see the beautiful sights seasonally, Hanamomo blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, red leaves in autumn, and snow scenery, and beautiful stars in winter.

Wood stove in winter


In this hotel, we use wood for heating. This wood stove heat your body, and also your heart.
You will be relax when you listen to the sound of burning firewood.

Wood deck at night


In this silent forest, there are only people who taking their time in the night.
The nature landscape fascinate us.

Messages wrote on the cypress woods


There are messages on the woods wrote by Kou Toyoguchi, the chirographer.

Paper fan with fragrance of woods


There are many kinds of paper fan on the solid timber table in the lobby.
The wood grain and aroma makes you feeling cooler.

Direction board made by Japanese oak


We use Japanese oak for direction board to make you feel woods.

Freshly-picked wildflowers everywhere in the hotel


We have wildflowers everywhere in the hotel. We will be glad if you can feel close to nature.

Deer made by cherry tree


This is the deer made by cherrry tree. It represents the bond between parent and child.