Hot spring in Kisoji Hotel Fukinomori

A luxurious moment for you to taste theseasonal delicious food

The dishes are subject to change depending on the season and the ingredients of the day. Ingredients listed are representative and may not include everything in the dish.
Additional ingredients may be used. Depending on season and availability, ingredients may change.


Nagano Prefecture Kiso Region dish that can appreciate the richness of nature made from carefully selected ingredients gathered mainly Nagano Prefecture Kiso Region, Nagano Prefecture Kiso Region.
Fish hidden in quiet clean flow, vegetables grown affectionately locally, soba with buckwheat of Kiso Kaida Kogen, Shinshu Iida basashi (horse-meat sashimi ), Kiso Beef and all are ingredients of Nagano Prefecture Kiso Region in Nagano Prefecture Kiso Region.
For some reason nostalgia and smiles spill out, the hospitality of our hotel.
In the wind had joined tranquility in the forest, the land of the Kiso, please feel in the tongue in the eyes of the natural Kiso


The aperitif is our home-made fruit liquor.
Our assorted side dishes are, salted calamari, boiled carp, boiled pluck, and so on.


In this mountain area, sashimi are horse sashimi, Shinshu salmon, and carp.


The soba is made from buckwheat from Kaida-highland.
This hand-kneaded soba with added Synurus pungens is reasonably chewy.
Some people intend to come to eat this delicious soba.


You can enjoy the Kiso-grown Japanese beef steak roasted on the stone.
You can also enjoy the aroma of Sawara wood burning under the stone.


冬季限定 河ふぐ会席

冬季限定 河ふぐ会席

Minami Shinshu, Nagano Prefecture - Gifu Prefecture It is a kaiseki cuisine incorporating Kawafugu (catfish) cultivated in the Tono Region. Kawafugu is a white body like snow, no smell of drowsiness, A pale white and elegant taste and its texture are the taste of Yamazato, which is superior to the real fog. Please enjoy luxurious cuisine with plenty of that Kawafugu .



Morning cuisine also uses Kiso's ingredients, and Kashihikari from Nagiso Koshihikari (rice), which we serve with a straw soup, is exceptional. Enjoy breakfast in the forest and river while listening to the birds singing in the morning.


Matsutake Irori

Please contact us if you need a lunch box.

A souvenir shop held by Kiso Hinoki

Kiso Hinoki is pinging for souvenirs. If you include a little moisture, the smell of hinoki drifts, and you smell sweet wood, but you can feel it.

Chopstick restraint is a technique of flower peach

Even for resting chopsticks, I use the branches of flower peach that I feel.