Hotel fukinomori

Perfect as it is

2019年 05月 05日

If you have any special memories or highlights during your current journey through Japan, please tell us what impression they made. (Doesn`t have to be the Hotel Fukinomori.)

I have greatly enjoyed my drive from Uedo to Hotel Fukinomori. Fukinomori is very beautiful and the food has been delicious. The staff have been particulary helpful; particulary when I crushed my car on a rock. Mizuki-san organized the place & insurance companies and really helped to make a stressful situation much better! Thank you so much!

Please tell us where you found this Hotel. (Website, Magazine, Introduction, or etc.)

What made you choose this Hotel Fukinomori?

It looked peaceful & remote

Please tell us if there is anything for us to make an improvement in this Hotel.

No! I think it is perfect as it is

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