Hot spring in Kisoji Hotel Fukinomori


Silky smooth


The smooth water is alkaline sulfur content water with clear and scentless.
Because of its rich content of fluorine ion, skin will be silky smooth.
We have received positive feedback from customer for this gentle water.

A public bath made by woods in Kiso


The public bath with wooden bathtub made by local woods such as cypress.
Please enjoy bathing with the fragrance of cypress, seeing the landscape of forests as far as you can see.

Chartered family bath


This chartered family bath is made 100% cypress.
Enjoy bathing with families by themselves.

Chartered open-air bath


Walking up the stairs bring you to chartered open-air bath.
You will be fascinated in the great nature, in the aromas of the wood.

Drinking spring water after taking a bath


There is a spring water server in the bathroom. This water is freshly brought from the spring.

Marker for slippers


This marker is prepared for your slippers so as to recognize yours.