Hot spring in Kisoji Hotel Fukinomori


Locally grown and seasonal foods in Kiso


Dinner is made of carefully selected ingredients around this Kiso area.
The fish grew up in the fresh stream. The soba made from buckwheat from Kaida-highland. The horse sashimi and Kiso Beef are bounty of the Kiso region, Nagano prefecture.
These dishes are not luxurious, but it is local cuisine. We made with our heart for all the dishes.

Soba made from buckwheat in Kaida-highland


The soba is made from buckwheat from Kaida-highland. This hand-kneaded soba with added Synurus pungens is reasonably chewy.
Some people intend to come to eat this delicious soba.

Private dining room


Dinner is served in private dining room.
Dinner is served in private dining room that resembles a mountain lodge which has a fireside.
The dishes are served one by one while these are hot.

The Kiso-grown Japanese beefsteak


The Kiso-grown Japanese beef steak are roasted on the stone.
Please enjoy the taste of beefstake, and also the aroma of Sawara wood burning under the stone.

Chopstick rest made by a branch of Hanamomo


Chopstick rest made by a branch of Hanamomo which pruned around the hotel.

Menu rolled by cypress woods


The manu is rolled by cypress woods. When dampen this wood a little, you may feel the aroma of cypress.

Burned sawara wood whet your appetite


The aroma is different from the trees. The sweet scents fills in the air when the sawara wood burned.

Healthy breakfast, smoked fish


The owner of this hotel made smoked fishes.
The wood chip used for smoking are the various kind of woods, like cherry, Japanese oak, apple tree, and so on.