Hot spring in Kisoji Hotel Fukinomori


Enjoy with family

Sanwa Kanko Farm【Approx. 1hr 30km】


Besides apples, blueberries, lavender, asparagus hunting, there are plenty of experience menus such as making apple pie, chocolate fondue, original soft ice cream.

3442-3 Kitagata, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture TEL:0265-25-4729

Miharashi farm【Approx. 1hr 20min 80km】


In this farm, you can harvest vegetables and fruits all year around.
You can enjoy with your family, petting animals and making bread.

Nishiminowa, Ina, Nagano Prefecture TEL:0265-74-1807

kaidakogen Kisoumanosato【Approx. 1hr 10min 68km】


kaidakogen is the highland on the Ontake foothills.
You can enjoy horse riding and making soba using local buckwheat.

Nagano Prefecture, Kiso District, Kiso, Kaidakogensuekawa, 5596-1 TEL:0264-42-3085

Inatanidochu【Approx.30min 27km】


In the museum, buildings and materials the old times around the showa era in Inatani are displayed. You can make woodwork and the traditional craft strings. You can also take free footbath.

Nagano Prefecture, Iida, Hakogawa, 386-1 TEL:0265-28-1755

Kantenpapa【Approx.1hr 15min 73km】


This shop established by agar maker. The restaurant serve agar meals. And there are also a souvenir shop and art gallery.

Nagano-ken, Ina-shi, Nishiharuchika TEL:0265-78-2002

Kogeikaido【Approx.10min 2km】


Nagiso town is in the mountains, with forests covering 90 percent of the area.Since edo era, people have made trays and bowls made by potter's wheel.

Azuma, Nagiso, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture

Fukubun farm【1hr 30min 34km】


Tenryukyo is in the Tenryū-Okumikawa Quasi-National Park. Fukubun farm is on the middle of the river terrace, overlooking the Tenryu river. There are about 300 apple trees of 20 different varieties such as Fuji or Tsugaru in the apple orchard that covers 1.2 hectares.

Nagano Prefecture, Iida, Tatsue, 7397 TEL:0265-27-3114

Spiritual spot

Bunkuitouge【Approx.1hr 30min 90km】


Recently, the television and magazines reported this mountain path as a spiritual spot.
It is directly above the median tectonic line, the biggest faults in Japan. It produce Qi by pressing the two faults each other. This is one of the world's greatest zero magnetic field.

Nagano Prefecture, Ina

Shrine and a temple

Binbougami jinja【Approx.1hr 10min 28km】


Since built in 1998, this shrine healed worshippers and gave them energy. This unique shrine reported on TV.

Nagano Prefecture, Iida, Osegi, 2728-1 TEL:0265-25-3301

Motozenkoji【Approx.1hr 35min 39km】


Before this temple was named "Motozenkoji", it was called "Zakoji." It is now also called "Satsukidera" because of the 5,000 of ericales. (ericales means satsuki in Japanese)

Nagano-ken, Iida-shi, Zakōji, 2638 TEL:0265-23-2525


Mt. Ontake【Approx.1hr 15min 77km】


Mt. Ontake is the volcano, located 3,067 meters above sea level between the Nagano and Gifu prefecture.
It is popular for holy mountain and rocky path among climbers

Otaki, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture

Mt Ena climbing Mount Mt Ena【Approx.50min 26km】


It is the southernmost Kiso Mountains of the Kiso Mountains of 2,191 m above sea level, which is also selected as Japan's 100 Remarkable Mountains mountains.
Climbing in the most short Hirogawara route the Hirogawara route of the course time is recommended.

Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture

Takamori country club【Approx.1hr 30min 50km】


It has the large hill course with separated by pine forests.

Nagano Prefecture, Shimoina District, Takamori, Yamabuki, 6955-23 TEL:0265-35-3355

Araragi country club【Approx.1hr 15min 30km】


We are located 1,200 meters above sea level on the southernmost point of central Alps.

Onda Namiai 153, Achi-mura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano-ken TEL:0265-47-2331

Forest therapy

Akazawasizenkyuyourin【Approx.1hr 54km】


The forest has high healing effect. There are 8 walking trails each has 2 to 3km long.
The Railway line runs through the forest. So both children and adults can enjoy.

Agematsu, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture

Enjoy the nature

Senjyojiki kar【Approx.1hr 15min 75km】


The senjojiki kar is on the peaks of South Alps located on the 1,200 meters above sea level.
You can ride a cable car at Shirabidaira station, and get off at Seijyojiki station. There are lots of alpine plants, and you can see the alpine flora in summer.

Agematsu, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture

Tenryu boat tours【Approx.40min 39km】


About 35minutes boat tours.
You can enjoy different views seasonally, like cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, and snowy scenery.

Nagano-ken, Iida-shi, Matsuoarai,7170  TEL:0265-24-3345

Tenryu line boat tours【Approx.35min 33km】


About 50 minutes boat tours.
Enjoy the splash of rapid stream, and listen to the guide at gentle stream, seeing the sights.

Tatsue Iida, Nagano Prefecture  TEL:0265-27-2247

Heavens Sonohara【Approx.53min 20.6km】


You can see Asian skunk cabbage in Spring, lily and bachelor's button in summer, red leaves in autumn. In winter, ski slopes are open only for skiers.

Nagano Prefecture, Shimoina District, Achi, Chisato,3731-4 TEL : 0265-44-2311

Kakizore Valley【Approx.50min 22km】


Shinshu Kiso's superb view spot Kakizore Valley. (Kakizore Valley) The view of the emerald green clear stream heals the hearts of visitors.
Feel free to and hiking up to Ushigataki Waterfall to enjoy the hiking, we also recommend trekking course up to Kaminari Waterfall Kirigataki Waterfall and Kaminari Waterfall to enjoy fully the charm of Kakizore Valley

Ushigataki Waterfall Kakizore Valley Hiking Ushigataki Waterfall to "Ushigataki Waterfall" page

Kaki River Valley Trekking To the page of "Kirigataki Waterfall / Kounotaki Waterfall"

Ushigataki Waterfall Kakizore Valley, autumn leaves "Ushigataki Waterfall / Kurobuchi" to the page of

1360 Yomikaki, Nagiso Town, Kiso County, Nagano Prefecture

Atera Keikoku Valley【Approx.50min 25km】


Shinshu Okuwa Village's Atera Keikoku Valley has Ushigafuchi such as numerous beautiful fountains and waterfalls such as Inugaeri no fuchi and Ushigafuchi.
Please enjoy river in summer, autumn leaves and hiking in fall.

Atera Keikoku Valley the page of Atera Keikoku Valley

Atera Keikoku Valley the page of the autumnal leaves of the Atera Keikoku Valley

Nojiri, Okuwa Village, Kiso County, Nagano Prefecture

Tadachi Waterfall【Approx.60min 30km】


Tadachi Waterfall Shinshu Nagiso Town which was also selected for Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls.
Tenga Waterfall Kirigataki Waterfall, Kirigataki Waterfall, Rasen Waterfall and other countless waterfalls in the valleys of the Otaki River River are collectively referred to as Tenga Waterfall Tadachi Waterfall. Why do not you enjoy trekking in the forest?

Tadachi, Nagiso Town, Kiso County, Nagano Prefecture

Fujimidai Kogen(Bangakuso)【Approx.80min 31km】


Fujimidai Kogen with an altitude of 1739 m spreads a spectacular view of the large panorama overlooking the Chuo Alps and the Southern Alps on a sunny day.
Children and beginners can easily enjoy a light hike of about 40 minutes each way.

Chisato, Achi Village, Shimoina County, Nagano Prefecture

Natsuyake Yama【Approx.30min 11km】


You can enjoy hiking in Natsuyake Yama, which is about a 20-minute drive from the hotel.
If the weather is nice, you can see Mt Ontake, Alps, Norikura and Komagatake.

Nagano Prefecture

Otome Keikoku【Approx.2hr 10min 55km】


Let's walk on the trekking course to the Meoto Waterfall while enjoying forest bathing.
Nejire Waterfall, Hekisuiko Lake, you can admire the beautiful waterfalls and clear stream, such as Wago Waterfall

Kashimo, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture

Tsukechi Gorge【Approx.2hr 10min 55km】


Walk through the promenade to Fudo Waterfall and Sendaru Waterfall.You can enjoy a forest bath and a view of the valley. You can enjoy river in summer and autumn leaves in autumn.

206 Tsukechi Town, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture


Shinshu Kiso Stream Fishing Point【Approx.5min 5km】


There is a point of river fishing in the range of 5 kilometers from the hotel and access to the fishing base is convenient.
If you enjoy fishing with the refreshing clear stream of Shinshu, Kiso, please come to the Hotel Fukinomori.

Nagiso Town, Nagano Prefecture

Cherry blossom viewing spots

Takato park【Approx.2hrs 91km】


The cherry blossoms are chosen the 100 best cherry blossoms in Japan. It is famous as Takato's cherry blossoms. There are more than 1500 cherry trees. The blossoms look great when in full bloom in mid April. Every year in this season, the cherry blossoms festival is held and about three hundred thousand tourists visit.

Takatomachi Higashitakato Ina, Nagano Prefecture

Historical places

Tsumago【Approx.10min 10km】


Tsumago is famous as one of inn towns in Nakasendo, along with Magome. The streets was preserved, and we can see the historical houses.

Azuma Nagiso, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture

Magome【Approx.20min 18km】


Magome was flourished as one of the inn town on Nakasendo in the Edo era. It was the rest station for tourists.
There are many shops and museum on the streets, and you can see the scenery of the era.

Gifu-ken, Nakatsugawa-shi, Magome

Momosukebashi【Approx.30min 14km】


This bridge was completed in 1922, in Taisyo era. Another name it is known by is "Momonohashi" (which means bridge of the peach). This 247-meter-long bridge is the one of the long cable suspension bridge in Japan which has wooden stiffening girder.

Nagiso, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture

Farmer's markets

Takadoya farm【Approx.1hr 5min 27km】


The vegetables are just picked in the morning. We have many local agricultural products and fresh meat.

Nagano Prefecture, Iida, Yamamoto, 951 TEL:0265-25-3713

Ringonosato (Iida)【Approx. 1hr 15min 30km】


A vegetables and fruits grew in the abundant nature and climate. We have local products, processed goods, natural food, and also folk crafts.

Nagano Prefecture, Iida, Ikuracho, 1-2-1 TEL:0265-28-2770

Green farm【Approx.3hrs 79km】


We have variety of foods like vegetables, fruits, mountain vegetables, mushrooms, gibier, and delicacies.

Nagano Prefecture, Ina, Masumigaoka, 351-7 TEL:0265-74-5351


Tonookanosyo【Approx.1hr 20min 32km】


We have handmade soba and home-made unrefined sake, called "doburoku." Also, you can enjoy local foods with a charcoal fire.

Nagano Prefecture, Iida, Shimotonooka, 1276 TEL : 0265-28-1188

Local products

Sawadaya(Sweet chestnuts)【Approx.40min 15km】


We have Japanese sweets like sweet chestnuts. As it is 100% made by sweet chestnuts and sugar, it makes you feel the atmosphere of countryside.

Nagano Prefecture, Kiso District, Nagiso, Azuma, 805-1 TEL:0264-57-4105

Shimizumokuzai【mail-order service】


We make cypress bathtubs, tubs for sushi, rice boxes by cypress woods. We make these products consistently in our own mill.

Nagano Prefecture, Kiso District, Nagiso, Azuma, 4610 TEL:0264-58-2011